Frequently asked questions

Can I park my car at Ulvsvåg Gjestgiveri and Fjordcamp?
We offer the following parking options (subject to availability):

  • On-site parking available.
  • Private parking available.
  • Parking lot
  • Safe parking lots
  • Free parking

Do you have electric vehicle chargers?
No, unfortunately. The nearest electric vehicle charger is at Storjordet, just before the Bogenes ferry terminal.

What can we do in Ulvsvåg?
We offer the following activities/services (additional charges may apply):

  • Hiking
  • Billiards
  • Lokated by the beach
  • Night club/DJ
  • Workouts
  • Beach

Du you have a resturant?
Yes, we have our own resturant and café.

What are the room rates?
The prices at Ulvsvåg Gjestgiveri and Fjordcamping AS may vary depending on your stay (e.g., when you book and other hotel policies). Prices are shown when you select dates

When is check-in and check-out?
In English, that would be: Check-in at Ulvsvåg Gjestgiveri and Fjordcamping AS is from 3:00 PM. 12.00.

What types of accommodation options do you offer?
At Ulvsvåg Gjestgiveri and Fjordcamping AS, the following room types are available:

  • Single rooms
  • Double room
  • Double doom/ two person rooms
  • Tripple room
  • Bungalows

How far away is the nearest town center?
Ulvsvåg Gjestgiveri and Fjordcamping AS is located in the center of Ulvsvåg.